OASIS provides technology solutions within the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In our case, we specifically focus on filling the needs of the College of Arts & Sciences. We know it can be a little tough to understand how we’re different from ITS, and it’s not always clear who you should contact… One of the great things about UNC is that there is a strong and deep technology support structure for the UNC community. The downside is that it can sometimes be confusing where to go for help with technology.

Fortunately, all College faculty, staff, and graduate students have one place where they can seek technology help, and that is OASIS. In short, OASIS’ purpose is to serve the technology needs of the College of Arts & Sciences’ community; and we take that charge very seriously.

If you have any sort of technology related issue, please contact us here at OASIS. While we provide a rich set of resources ourselves, we also maintain very close ties with all technology groups on campus, and advocate for your technological requirements on your behalf.

So, even if it turns out that the resolution to your problem lies outside our resources, we consider it our privilege to facilitate any communication with any group outside of OASIS on your behalf. Count on OASIS to help you with the full spectrum of technology needs, whether as a service provider or a facilitator to other resources.