In partnership with faculty, staff and graduate students, OASIS provides thoughtful, innovative, and sustainable technical solutions to advance the College’s mission to promote innovative learning, discovery and engagement.

If you have any sort of technology related issue, please contact us here at OASIS. While we provide a rich set of resources ourselves, we also maintain very close ties with all technology groups on campus, and advocate for your technological requirements on your behalf.

So, even if it turns out that the resolution to your problem lies outside our resources, we consider it our privilege to facilitate any communication with any group outside of OASIS on your behalf. Count on OASIS to help you with the full spectrum of technology needs, whether as a service provider or a facilitator to other resources.


The HARK audio device

HARK, who goes there?

Posted 9 months ago

HARK (as in, “Hark, who goes there?”) as an acronym may be a bit of a stretch: Honda Research Institute Japan Audition for Robots with Kyoto University but the technology itself is something cool that could play a significant role … Continued


Possible futures: The VR class assignment

Posted 11 months ago

I like to think that we’re no more than 15 years away from virtual reality styled class assignments.  No, really, hear me out on this.  The transition period from some of the early HTML editors to ePortfolios (content that is … Continued