ProfHacker: A Blog for Faculty Joins The Chronicle

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Since its inception on July 26, 2009, ProfHacker has focused on pedagogy, productivity, and technology and how they intersect in higher education. Now, ProfHacker has joined the Chronicle of Higher Education. Take a look!

ProfHacker is a community of and for higher education faculty (and others). The goal of the community is to improve all aspects of academic life by talking about them openly and honestly and to debunk the assumptions of “everybody knows that!” (ie. They try to expose some of the hidden assumptions of academia.)

Beginning today, Monday April 19, 2010, ProfHacker has a new association with the Chronicle of Higher Education. You can find the blog at

All posts and comments from ProfHacker have been retained on the Chroniclesite. The first posting summarizes some of the most popular previous posts including:

  • 5 Sites Your Undergrads Need to Know
  • Getting Started with Google Docs in the Classroom
  • Managing Facebook Privacy Settings
  • Disruptive Student Behavior

Check out the ProfHacker blog and see if it’s a community you might find helpful!