2-Step Verification: Password + Proof = Access

Faculty and staff,

Beginning in early November, 2-Step Verification will be required to access Office 365, including email. Over 39,000 faculty, staff and students are already enrolled for 2-Step for O365.

  • You are receiving this message because you are not yet enrolled in 2-Step for Office 365.
  • This is different than Duo, which you may already use for 2-Step for ConnectCarolina, VPN and other administrative applications.
  • If you wait for the automatic enforcement, you will not be able to check your email until you configure your 2-Step preferences and devices.

You will be removed from future reminder emails once you enroll. Save your inbox a few extra emails and enroll today!

How to enroll in 2-Step for O365

The easiest way to use 2-Step is by downloading “Microsoft Authenticator” from your phone’s app store. 2-Step does work without it, but most users find that this is the easiest method. To get started:

  • Visit onyen.unc.edu and click on “2-Step for Office 365.”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to turn on 2-Step.
  • Visit office.unc.edu to finish the enrollment.

Enroll early: save time and avoid frustration

This early enrollment period is for you. It allows you the opportunity to control when you enroll and to avoid the automatic enforcement. Any device, such as a phone or iPad, on which you check your email will need to be configured after 2-Step is enabled in order for you to send and receive email.

To find out which day you will be automatically switched on for 2-Step if you do not register early, please reference: its.unc.edu/2-step/rollout-schedule/.


You can reference all of the 2-Step for Office 365 documentation by visiting: help.unc.edu/help/mfa/. The ITS Service Desk is here to help. They are available to chat at help.unc.edu or by phone at 919-962-HELP.


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