OASIS responds to COVID-19

As UNC has shifted to remote operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, OASIS has worked tirelessly to help smooth this transition for faculty and students. The university decided to extend spring break by one week in March, allowing faculty time to begin to prepare for the transition to remote teaching the following week. During this time, OASIS helped to facilitate training and information sessions with faculty, going over topics such as utilizing Zoom and Sakai, as well as incorporating other technologies into their remote classes for better student retention and learning.

OASIS also worked with faculty to ensure that they had the necessary equipment in their homes to handle the new responsibilities of remote teaching, whether through providing them with CCI laptops or webcams, or by helping them set up their office equipment in their homes.

As classes have continued remotely, the Data Analytics group has worked on a new project that will allow the College to gauge which classes have students that are struggling with the transition to remote learning. This will help to provide support and resources to help those students through this difficult time in their higher education journey.

The Instructional Technology and OCS groups have also been valuable assets, aiding faculty by providing remote support and innovative solutions to problems that have arisen during the pandemic. Instructional Technology continues to explore new online options to promote faculty teaching excellence.

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