What is it?

Office 365 is the online version of the Office Suite you already know.  It’s perfect for collaboration, letting multiple people work on and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, or OneNote notebooks at the same time.

Better yet, you can access your content from anywhere, and easily set permissions to share your work with colleagues across the College.

It includes 50 gigabytes of email storage, and up to 1 terabyte of online OneDrive storage.  That’s large enough for all of your largest publications, rich media, research documents, and class material.

When is it happening?

Some small units in the University have already gone to the new system, and the plan is for the College to make the transition sometime in mid to late April.  Of note, all of your students are already in the Office 365 system and using it.

How will I access it?

Email will be accessed through heelmail.unc.edu, and you’ll use your_Onyen@ad.unc.edu plus password to access your new inbox.

The Office applications and your OneDrive storage space will be accessed through onedrive.unc.edu and will also use your_onyen@ad.unc.edu plus password.

What do I need to do beforehand?

If you’re someone who prefers to use the installed Outlook email client then you’ll want to be running the newest version of that – Outlook 2016 – prior to transition.  It’s a free upgrade, and your nearest OASIS Computer Specialist is happy to help you out with it.

There are some bookmarks and links you’ll want to update after it does go live, but it’s nothing to worry about right now, and we’ll be sharing more information about that as we get closer to April.

Okay, so what’s the most important thing I need to know?

Honestly, it’s that your username will now be your_Onyen@ad.unc.edu instead of just your Onyen.  The reason for this is because we’ll be accessing this stuff through the cloud, so while your onyen may be unique to UNC’s campus, it may not be unique to the world of people also using Office 365.  Adding the @ad.unc.edu identifies you as a person affiliated with UNC.

And as a bonus most important item, keep in mind that students are already a part of Office 365.  This means there will be some awesome potential for new ways to use Office in a classroom or workplace setting.  Think of all those times when you said, “We should do this in a Google doc.”  Office 365 gives you that same functionality of creating web based documents (Word) or notes (OneNote) that can be collaboratively edited by multiple people at the same time.  And best of all, inviting other people at UNC to edit or view will be simple because it will be based around the Onyen.

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