UNC Apps

OASIS offers a way for our users to access software that may not be installed on the particular machine that they are using. Using a Citrix Receiver client, users are able to launch an application from a remote server, integrating it with their own operating system’s environment.







Similarly, ITS offers a virtual lab environment, which utilizes a Citrix Receiver software package for Android, Mac, iOS or Windows. This Receiver connects to a virtual Windows environment with a variety of software choices.






Unix applications

When connected to the AFS client, users are linked to a collaborative storage space which can be used to share data with users in and outside the university. There are also over 300 Unix software packages that can be run directly from the UNC AFS server space.



Site licenses

The University maintains site licenses for certain software packages (e.g. Windows, Mac OS X, Office).  Students, Faculty and Staff may also purchase software that is licensed to the University through Software Acquisition.



The most commonly used software (e.g. anti-virus software, VPN client) at UNC can be found here:



Software Acquisition

Specially licensed software (e.g. Matlab, SAS, Endnote) can be found here: