We’ve divided the types of work we do into a number of categories below.  You can see, of course, that beyond developing new solutions we support all of our existing applications and provide research and advice to the College regarding potential new solutions.


Project Description Lead Sponsoring Unit Duration
Student Credit Hour revenue model. As you all know the revenue model for the University will be changing.  The team spent time reviewing the model and meeting with various stakeholders to consider issues the new model suggests as well as to consider ways in which OASIS can be a better partner in both the implementation and support of the model.  Sean Dean’s Office Ongoing
Virtual infrastructure optimization. OASIS has over 100 virtual machines supporting many aspects of the Enterprise Solutions operations. The sprawl in that environment is increasingly time consuming to manage and presents a potentially larger-than-necessary security risk.  We are actively evaluation potential replacements.  Tae OASIS Ongoing
Office 365 exploration.   With the Office 365 migration nearing completion in the College we are evaluating all of the various tools it offers including project management, file storage, team chat, etc.. Sean OASIS Ongoing
cPanel web hosting investigation.  OASIS is receiving more and more requests for software development and hosting environments.  While our current infrastructure could support many of those there are systems that exist which will put more control in the hands of end-users to create and manage their own environments.  One of those is “cPanel” which we are actively investigating and testing. Sean OASIS Ongoing
Business Operations Workflow (BOW). After investigating several commercial systems as well as developing and presenting mockups we’ve decided to move forward with the development of a custom work-flow / forms application to meet the needs of the College Business  Operations teams.  Sean & Tae Business Operations Paused
Google Analytics for custom applications.  We are beginning to offer Google Analytics data for our various application.  The Writing Center was the first to take advantage of this offering.  Kathy Dean’s Office 5/31/2017

New Systems 

Project Description Lead Sponsoring Unit Duration
Source Management Systems (SRCS).  This application is currently under development and is designed to, at least initially, replace two legacy Access-based systems: Accounts and ASF Stewardship.  The tool itself lets appropriately credentialed users “data decorate” centrally provided information related to sources.  The system will also allow the assignment of donors to steward and the creation of donor thank-you letters drawing from data submitted via the College Annual Report system. Ying, Charles, Kathy Business Operations & Foundation 6/30/2017
Summer Bridge Program registration (SBP) The Summer Bridge Program was in need of a secure web-based system to manage their application and acceptance process.  They had a system that had been built previously without OASIS’s assistance which what hosted in WordPress and for various reasons no longer met their needs. Joanne Undergraduate Education Completed
Academic Appeals Forms system (AAF).  Academic Advising needed a system to aid in the management of academic appeals.  This also replaced a previous system that was based out of WordPress. Joanne Undergraduate Education Completed
Independent Study Contracts (ISC) (aka Online Contract Manager). OASIS has partnered with Steele Building to develop a system to manage the entire Independent Study Contract process.  Kathy Undergraduate Education
BEAM management system (beam). The Maker space needed a system to manage their operations.  This application was built by a student with assistance and hosting from OASIS. Tae BEAM Potentially paused due to iLabs
The Walkable Classroom. A Romance Studies faculty commissioned a private developer to build this application which then needed on-campus hosting.  OASIS worked directly with the developer to setup and make available the necessary hosting resource. Sean Dr. Lucia Binotti (Digital Innovation Lab) Completed
Going to the Show (gtts). This system, which the Library no longer supported, was migrated to OASIS-provided hosting. Sean Dr. Robert (Bobby) Allen (Digital Innovation Lab) Completed
The Blake Archive (blakearchive.org). The Blake Archive needed additional development support to enable a Lightbox feature. Tae Dr. Joseph Viscomi 6/30/2017
Study Abroad Office (SAO). SAO has a 16-year-old web application that most of their business operations.  The developer of the application is retiring this Fall.  That combined with ITS no longer providing support to the underlying host software left the SAO in an untenable position.  OASIS has worked closely on a number of fronts with this project from web hosting, migrating the application to a new environment, providing support to the current developer, evaluation of a cloud hosted replacement and security auctions. Kathy, Sean Study Abroad Office Ongoing

Updates & Support

Most of those noted below received updates beyond just bug fixes and/or they went live as part of an annual cycle.

Project Description Lead Sponsoring Unit
Online Syllabus Management (OSM). The loading process for this takes place at the very outset of the semester and is driven by the need to strike a balance between the most current course data and getting syllabi as close to the beginning of the semester as possible. Kathy Undergraduate Education
Annual Report go-live and support (CAR).  In general we try to go live in March or April of every year.  This requires significant data collection and loading from various systems.  This year also included some minor changes to the questions in the system itself. Kathy, Charles, Ying, Tae Dean’s Office
Updates for Get Ready to Register (GRR) (aka Academic Interest Form).   This system had major updates for the upcoming 1st year registration cycle. Joanne, Tae Undergraduate Education
Distribution Groups (DISTRO) The system which was originally developed to handle faculty, staff and student lists now also dynamically creates course code-based lists. Kathy Dean’s Office
Prospect  Prospect is a free, open-source data curation and visualization plugin for WordPress, developed by the Digital Innovation Lab at UNC Chapel Hill. Sean Digital Innovation Lab
Arts & Sciences reporting (ASR) & SACS reporting. Several new reports were developed in support of the recent SACS accreditation visit. Ying Dean’s Office
School of Government Annual Report (SOGAR).  This application is a legacy tool that was built and is still supported under a fee-for-service model.  It has significant changes this year to support new reporting needs. Tae, Kathy School of Government
Advising Walk-ins Application This application supports Advising by managing their walk-in queue combining student sign-ins with large displays showing the wait order. Tae, Joanne


Applications not mentioned above

The team supports a number of applications that were not under major development in the first few months of this year.  Those are noted in the table below.

Project Description Lead Sponsoring Unit
Advising Scheduler Student to Advisor appointment scheduler Team Undergraduate Education
Commitments Financial allocations to departments from the Dean’s Office Charles, Tae Dean’s Office
Common Authorization Tool Permissions assignment to users of various applications Team Dean’s Office
DHPress Sean Digital Innovation Lab
Drop-in Queue Manager Drop-in appointment management for Advising Team Undergraduate Education
EPA EPA position management Charles Dean’s Office
Global Travel Registry Cold Fusion Application that handles international travel for UNC Kathy Study Abroad Office
Group Membership Tool Class assignments Kathy OASIS
Humanities and Human Values Event Registration Tae Humanities and Human Values
IP Tracker IP tracking for the College Kathy OASIS
Non-Personnel Funding request tool for departments Tae Dean’s Office
OCM Change management for OASIS Kathy OASIS
Online Tutor Online writing help management Kathy Undergraduate Education
OSM Online Syllabus Management Kathy Undergraduate Education
Position Authorization Position authorization management tool for Dean’s Office Charles Dean’s Office
Professorships Professorship management tool for Dean’s Office Charles Dean’s Office
Scheduling Generalized appointment management Kathy Undergraduate Education
TPS Touchnet Payment System – a simple gateway to touchnet for music dept.
captures customer contact info and payment amount for reconciliation.