First, we will be uninstalling our current version of Office. 

Step 1. Open the Start Menu and then open Control Panel.








Step 2. Depending on your Control Panel view, click “Programs and Features” Or “Uninstall a Program”.

control panel2

control panel1







Step 3. Select the version of Office you will be uninstalling and click “Uninstall”.

 programs and features







Step 4. When asked “Are you sure…”, click “Yes”.

are you sure?







Step 5. Wait while Office is uninstalled.

uninstall progress







Step 6. When uninstall completes, you will be prompted for a reboot. Click “Yes”.








Second, we will be installing Office 2016

Step 1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to

IE navigate







Step 2. Log in using your and password.







Step 3. Once you are logged in, select “Install Office 2016” from the top left corner.

install page







Step 4. You will see a pop up that says “Just a few more steps…”

few more steps







Step 5. Below that, at the bottom of the page you will see a prompt to run the installation. Click “Run”.

run install





Step 6. Office 2016 will begin to install. When it’s done, you’ll see “You’re all set” message. Click “Close”.



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