First we will be removing Office 2011 from our machines.

Step 1. Open a new Finder window and navigate to your Applications folder. Or open the “Go” tab and select “Applications.








Step 2. Find Microsoft Office 2011 and CTRL+click. Select “Move to Trash. Enter admin password when prompted.

Step 2.1

Step 2.2







Step 3. Remove any remaining Office 2011 icons from the Dock. CTRL+click icons and select “Options”->”Remove from Dock”.

Step 3.1







Step 4. Restart your computer.

Step 4.1







Now we will be installing Office 2016

Step 1. Open Safari and navigate to Log in using and your onyen password.

Step 2.1.1







Step 2. Download Office 2016 by clicking “Install Office 2016” from the top right hand corner of page.

Step 2.2.1Step 2.2.2







Step 3. Wait for download to complete then open it from Downloads in the bottom right hand corner of screen.

Step 2.3.1







Step 4. Follow prompts through to begin installation of Office 2016. See images below.

Step 2.4.1Step 2.4.2Step 2.4.3







Step 5. Enter admin password when prompted. Allow installation to finish.

Step 2.5.1Step 2.5.2Step 2.5.3







Set up Outlook 2016

Step 1. Navigate back to Applications and open Outlook 2016.








Step 2. Follow setup prompts. See images below.

Step 3.2.1Step 3.2.2Step 3.2.3







Step 3. Begin Import from Outlook from 2011. Plug in power adapter if/when asked.

Step 3.4.1







Step 4. If Import process fails to begin, you can just reconfigure your email account using the directions below.

UNC Email Cheat Sheet



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