“Think. Communicate. Collaborate. Create.
…for meaningful lives.”

-Mission Statement, UNC College of Arts and Sciences


OASIS provides thoughtful, innovative, and sustainable technical solutions to advance the College’s mission.

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You can visit us online at https://oasis.unc.edu/ to contact us. You can also send us service requests! Just click the Service Request tile in our footer, or head directly to http://help.unc.edu/!

Know that feeling when you return to your office computer for the first time in a year and need to sit through a half hour of updates? Put your computer to sleep instead of shutting it down - this will allow updates to be applied automatically.

Accessing the journals you need is also a breeze when using the search option on the Libraries’ page (http://library.unc.edu/) or by appending “http://libproxy.lib.unc.edu” to the journal URL. For instance, JSTOR articles can be accessed by using https://www-jstor-org.libproxy.lib.unc.edu/ [LINK]

TAKE YOUR WORK WITH YOU (if you really feel like it)
Summer usually means research and writing time. For (most) any device you use, Office 365 (http://heelmail.unc.edu) provides tools to write using Word, collaborate with Teams, and back up your work to OneDrive.

Did you know that it’s easier than ever to report phishing, or to add a sender to Safe senders? Click the three dots in any message to access a selection of menu options, including security options.

We historically see an increase in phishing attempts at the start and end of semesters. Good phishing attempts understand that these times in an academic term are frantic and urgent and leverage that urgency against you.

Happy summer Tar Heels! OASIS has compiled a list of computing tips to keep you and your tech safe over the summer!

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